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We’re pleased to announce news about Ulrich’s, and give you information about the features, functionality and enhancements that are now a part of Ulrich’s products. Check back periodically, to view the latest updates!

Ulrich's News

Ulrichsweb.com Enhancements

Ulrich's Serials Analysis System Enhancements

Ulrich's News

Ulrichsweb.com available to 2007-2008 Library School students through the ProQuest Library School Program

Thanks to the ProQuest Library School Program, Ulrichsweb.com is one of the acclaimed reference tools available to information science students at no charge during the 2007-2008 school term. The Program is aimed at supporting library education, allowing students to learn essential search skills on the data resources they are likely to encounter after graduation. Read the complete ProQuest Press release here.

Ulrich's™ and Serials Solutions® come together in the ProQuest family!

We are extremely pleased to announce that in June 2007 the Ulrich’s and Serials Solutions businesses were aligned in the ProQuest family to further their development under a unified vision. Together, Ulrich’s and Serials Solutions offer librarians and library users the most comprehensive, authoritative and trusted serials information available anywhere. Ulrichsweb.com and Ulrich’s Serials Analysis System are now sold exclusively through the Serials Solutions worldwide sales team. Contact your Serials Solutions account representative to learn more about the ways in which Ulrich’s and the Serials Solutions® 360 products can be integrated to help your library be the best partner for research!

Julia Blixrud Honored with 2007 Ulrich's Serials Librarianship Award at ALA Annual Conference

Julia Blixrud, SPARC Assistant Director for Public Programs and ARL Assistant Executive Director for External Relations, has been named the recipient of the 2007 Ulrich's Serials Librarianship Award. The award, presented by the Serials Section of the Association for Library Collections & Technical Services (ALCTS) Division of the American Library Association (ALA) and sponsored by ProQuest, is given in recognition of distinguished and ongoing contributions to serials librarianship. The award was presented on Sunday, June 24, 2007, at the ALCTS Awards Ceremony during the 2007 ALA meeting in Washington, DC. Read the ProQuest Press release here.

Ulrich’s Celebrates a 75th Anniversary Diamond Jubilee!

Since 1932, when Carolyn Farquhar Ulrich published the first edition of Periodicals Directory: A Classified Guide to a Selected List of Current Periodicals Foreign and Domestic , the name Ulrich's has meant authoritative, unbiased and trusted serials information. In 2007, we're celebrating 75 years of ongoing commitment to providing librarians with the serials bibliographic and publisher information they need to be effective in all aspects of serials management, and to providing in-depth coverage of the resources libraries need to support their user communities.

Ulrichsweb.com Enhancements

The growth and development of Ulrichsweb.com is a direct result of the feedback and suggestions of library professionals and Ulrich’s users from around the world. Here is a list of some of the most recently added features, functionality and enhancements that are now a part of Ulrichsweb.com.

New in 2007

Abstracting & Indexing databases added to Ulrichsweb.com record displays

Our September 2007 release introduces the display of abstracting and indexing databases on the “Abstracting, Indexing & Article Access” tab of Ulrichsweb.com records, with indexing coverage dates for many titles. This exciting new enhancement means that librarians, faculty, staff and students can view more comprehensive lists of A&I coverage than ever before. The new displays provide information about the availability of indexing coverage in A&I-only databases and in databases that contain both A&I coverage and full-text coverage, including databases from Chadwyck-Healey, EBSCO, H.W. Wilson, OCLC and other providers.

Latest annual JCR® Web Impact Factor links available

Ulrich’s is pleased to continue its bi-directional linking relationship with Thomson’s JCR® Web. Links for the 2006 Science and Social Science Impact Factor journals were updated in June with the latest release of the 2006 Impact Factor annual data. Reciprocal links have been established to and from Ulrich’s, so that mutual subscribers can link back and forth between their Ulrichsweb.com and JCR Web accounts at the journal level.

New in 2006

More than 14,700 individual serials added to the Ulrich’s knowledgebase

Ulrich’s is committed to tracking serials publications from around the world. We’ve put renewed focus on collecting the latest information about non-English language resources. We’re pleased to announce that in addition to the tens of thousands of regular updates that are applied throughout year to Ulrich’s records, more than 14,700 individual serial titles were added to the Ulrich’s knowledgebase in 2006. Among these are thousands of European, Asian, and non-English publications in a variety of formats – from newspapers and magazines to Open Access journals and other e-serials. Ulrich’s continues to reach out to publishers of non-English publications to increase the scope and depth of bibliographic, publisher and access information relied upon by Ulrichsweb.com and Ulrich’s Serials Analysis System subscribers worldwide.

Ulrichsweb.com adds a New Search Feature to Identify Serials Available via RSS Feed

The new “RSS Available” Advanced Search limiter makes it possible for users to identify the growing number of periodicals that are providing headlines, recent issues or other content via RSS (Really Simple Syndication). An RSS feed provides content via XML files that are then read by an RSS reader or web browser. Ulrich’s is adding RSS availability data to thousands of individual records so that users can learn about the various frequencies, formats, and providers of these content-delivery feeds. Ulrich’s records also display the URL of the RSS feed(s) for the periodical. Users may create their own lists of RSS feed URLs in Ulrichsweb.com, click on the URL to link to the RSS feed, or cut and paste the URL into their preferred RSS reader.

Enhanced, Searchable Tables of Contents

Ulrichsweb.com now provides users with searchable tables of contents for more than 24,000 of the world's leading academic and scholarly journals, including the top requested titles from the British Library Document Supply Centre. This enhancement makes it possible for librarians, faculty, and students to get an in-depth look at a current issue's tables of contents, or to search the tables of contents of issues as far back as 1993, where available. Simply click the Table of Contents link on the Basic Description tab of an Ulrich's record to view table of contents details. Results may be printed or emailed as individual article citations.

Copyright Clearance Center Permissions Direct linking

Ulrichsweb.com now helps librarians and staff to quickly and easily clear copyright permissions through the Copyright Clearance Center (CCC) as they search for bibliographic information about journals and other serials. Subscribers with Copyright Clearance Center Permissions Direct accounts can simply select the "Get Permissions" link on the Advertising, Rights & Demographics tab of an Ulrich's record to be automatically directed to the appropriate permission services and search results pages on copyright.com. There is no need to re-enter information or conduct another title search in order to connect. License Administrators can enable this functionality by entering their Copyright Clearance Center username and password on the "Modify Journal Linking" page in the My Account area.

Ulrichsweb.com users who do not utilize Copyright Clearance Center services can still learn which titles are covered, by selecting "CCC" from the Features & Attributes index in either Advanced Search mode or Browse.

Expanded Product Training Program

Complimentary product training is now available to all Ulrichsweb.com subscribers through ProQuest’s Customer Education & Training Program. Our team of training experts can design a learning session designed to help you utilize Ulrichsweb.com effectively throughout your organization. Please contact us at http://www.csa.com/support/training.php for more information.

Ulrich’s Serials Analysis System Enhancements

Feedback from our subscribers and input from library professionals worldwide has made Ulrich’s Serials Analysis System an essential serials evaluation toolkit that continues to grow to meet the changing needs of serials managers, collection developers, and others who work with print and electronic serials. Here is a list of some of the most recently added features, functionality and enhancements that are now a part of Ulrich’s Serials Analysis System.

New in 2007

Currency Converter for List Prices

The September 2007 release introduces a currency converter for the List Prices displayed in Ulrich’s Serials Analysis System reports. Now it is possible for users to convert the list price currency provided by the title’s publisher into one of more than 15 major international currencies, all from within an active report display. This new feature will allow librarians to approximate a publication’s list price in the institution’s preferred currency using conversion rates provided by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

New Full-Text Limit To Option

In September 2007, Ulrich’s Serials Analysis System released a brand new Limit To option labeled “Full-Text” that allows users to limit their results specifically to titles that are available in an online full-text format. This new feature provides a further refinement for identifying electronic versions. The broader Limit To option that was formerly labeled “Electronic Journal” has been renamed to “Electronic Edition” and continues its function of helping librarians identify titles that have an electronic edition of any type – whether that edition is CD-ROM, email-only, online or another electronic delivery format. Both the new “Full-Text” option and the renamed “Electronic Edition” option are available in all of the Ulrich’s Serials Analysis System reporting modules, including Top Publisher Reports.

New Academic/Scholarly Limit To Option

The September 2007 release introduces a new Limit To option labeled “Academic/Scholarly” that allows users to limit their report results to titles that are designated Academic/Scholarly in the Ulrich’s database. The designation of Academic/Scholarly identifies serials that target the academic and research communities and is determined by a process of publisher self-reporting and Ulrich’s editorial research. The range of Academic/Scholarly titles in Ulrich’s includes both refereed and non-refereed serials. The new Academic/Scholarly Limit To option is available in all reporting modules.

LC Classification Numbers in Report Displays

The September 2007 release includes a new “LC Classification” report column that displays the Library of Congress Classification Number for a title when present in an Ulrich’s record. The initial launch of this feature covers approximately 70,000 active-status titles (primarily academic/scholarly titles) and will be expanded to cover thousands of additional titles in the coming months. Users can enable or disable the display of the LC Classification column using the Report Profile feature.

More Designations Added to ISSN Audit Report

Additional designations were added to the ISSN Audit Report in September 2007. Users can now generate more details about Cancelled ISSN, Title History ISSN, or Merged/Incorporated ISSN, and better identify Invalid ISSN and other non-match categories. The list of designations has been expanded to cover 10 individual categories within the ISSN Audit Report to give users more information with which to update their local catalog records with ISSN and title data from Ulrich’s.

Latest annual JCR® Web Impact Factor links available

Links for the 2006 Science and Social Science Impact Factor journals were updated in June with the latest release of the 2006 Impact Factor annual data. Ulrich’s Serials Analysis System users who select the Impact Factor search limit in their analytical reports now have access to the latest JCR® Web counts of journals with Impact Factors. Mutual subscribers of Ulrich’s Serials Analysis System and JCR Web can link directly to their JCR Web subscription from within report displays to view Impact Factor graphs. Updated links have also been established to and from Ulrichsweb.com and JCR Web.

Major A&I Resources added to Aggregator Comparison Reports

Among the new providers and databases added to the Aggregator Comparison Reports are two major indexing resources – Thomson Scientific’s Web of Science® and Elsevier’s Scopus®. Ulrich’s Serials Analysis System users can now compare titles lists from these two vendors to one another, to Ulrich’s, or to the library’s own uploaded serials lists. It is now possible for users to see how many of their own serials are found in these rich indexing sources by Ulrich’s Subject, refereed status, or other data points.

New in 2006

Aggregator Comparison Reports

A brand new module is available that lets you to compare the title lists of aggregated database collections of e-journals. Aggregator Comparison Reports can be used to compare up to 5 database collections at one time, compare an aggregated database collection to the Ulrich’s Universe or Ulrich’s Core, or compare your library’s collection to an aggregated database. These valuable reports help you identify overlap in the databases to which you subscribe, as well as in databases to which you don’t subscribe. These new reports take advantage of the additional content and industry benchmarks available in Ulrich’s Serials Analysis System. You can set the scope of Aggregator Comparison Reports to identify a database’s full-text titles, refereed titles, abstracted and indexed titles, as well as titles that have an ISI Impact Factor (with linking to JCR® Web for mutual subscribers), and titles reviewed in Magazines for Libraries (with a link to the full-text review in Ulrichsweb.com).

Ulrich’s Serials Analysis System – New online Tutorials

Four new tutorials covering key features of Ulrich’s Serials Analysis System have been added to the ProQuest Customer Education & Training offerings: Getting Started; Your Library Reports; Comparison & Overlap Analysis Reports; and Aggregator Comparison Reports. The tutorials run using Adobe Flash Player and last approximately three minutes each. In addition to narration, each tutorial contains subtitles that may be turned on/off. Whether you are a current subscriber or just interested in learning more about the powerful set of serials evaluation tools that Ulrich’s Serials Analysis System provides, you can access the tutorials at http://www.csa.com/e_products/tutorial.php.